i-THRIVE Community of Practice Event: 12th October 2017


i-THRIVE Community of Practice Shared Learning Event

Thursday 12th October 2017

Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust


On Thursday 12th October 2017 the i-THRIVE Partnership  hosted its sixth shared learning event for the i-THRIVE Community of Practice.

Overview of the sessions:
1.    Welcome with Paul Jenkins

2.    Developing an i-THRIVE ethos within Manchester and Salford with Maria Slater

3.    THRIVE in Warrington and Halton with Tarnia Woods

4.    Discussing “endings” with Miranda Wolpert, Holly Bear, Sam Illaiee and Rachel James

5.    i-THRIVE Grids: supporting shared decision making with Daniel Hayes and Rosa Town

6.    Resilience in schools with Marc van Roosmalen

7.    Implementation checklist for a THRIVE-like system with Emma Louisy

8.    Reflections and next steps with Rachel James

9.    Have your say on the next event


If you would like to know more about this event, email Bethan Morris at bethan.morris@annafreud.org

The next i-THRIVE Community of Practice event will be in December 2018. Have your say about what topics you would like to see covered at the next event by emailing Bethan Morris.

If you would like to present at the next i-THRIVE Community of Practice event please contact Bethan Morris, i-THRIVE Research Officer at bethan.morris@annafreud.org.

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