Stakeholder Engagement

Part of Phase 1 of the i-THRIVE Toolkit

i-THRIVE Community of Practice members have held many events over the last year and a half to introduce people from their localities to i-THRIVE.  The best events so far have been the ones that have managed to get representation from across the system (CAMHS, local authority, schools, charities) and families, children and young people themselves.

Below are some resources to support initial engagement with i-THRIVE.

PowerPoint Slides:

1. i-THRIVE Overview 

Provides a general overview of the i-THRIVE Programme.

2. THRIVE and i-THRIVE Overview

Provides introductions to the THRIVE Framework and i-THRIVE Programme.

3. i-THRIVE and THRIVE Overview for Whole System Event

Provides introductions to the THRIVE Framework and i-THRIVE Programme and includes an exercise for use at a whole-system engagement event.


This video is of Miranda Wolpert providing a short, 5-minute introduction to the THRIVE Framework.



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We are always interested to hear about people’s experiences of using these materials for their events. If you have experiences and feedback you’d like to share, please email Ilse Lee at